Hello everyone, Sujay welcomes you to the site dedicated to PANCHAM. The main reason to have this site is song notations. To my disappointment, I did not find many sites on song notations on the web. And also, I came across lots of request from web surfers who were looking for the same information. So I decided to build a site for me and for everyone.

This site has lots of hindi songs notations I tried to come up in past few years. Most of these are (of course) PANCHAM songs. These notations are created with whatever limited knowledge I have, and hence may not be perfect. All of them are in Hindustani notations like Sa, Re, etc. I used capital letters for suddha swar and small for komal/teevra swar. Also I used a single quote (') for Mandra Saptak and double quotes (") for Taar Saptak. Letters without any quotes are Madhyam Saptak. Usually I start with S or P since my fingers feel comfortable at that position and also I tried to capture the singer's starting note.

Following table will provide you a better understanding:

Hindustani notes My notes Western Notes
Sa S C
Re (Komal) r c
Re R D
Ga (Komal) g e
Ga G E
Ma M F
Ma (Teevra) m f
Dha (Komal) d a
Dha D A
Ni (Komal) n b
Ni N B

Here's is the list of the PANCHAM's hindi filmography . Also take a look at the PANCHAM collection I have in the form of LP (long playing record), EP extended play record), CD (compact disk) and cassettes. Most of my collection is in the form of LPs. I am proud to say that as of today, my PANCHAM collection contains 164 LPs, 31 EPs, 65 CD titles, 163 titles on cassettes. Now I am short of only 1 film (Katil Kaun) to complete HIS hindi collection of 292 movies. I also possess HIS Bengali as well as collection in other regional langugages.

I hope you enjoy the stuff on this site. Thanks a lot for your time.

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For questions, suggestions, comments, please do write to me.

Last updated : July 22, 2003.